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Bambi says No

Productie jaar 2021
 2.975,00(inclusief btw)
  • Hoogte: 145cm
  • Breedte: 60cm
  • Diepte: 30cm

Kunst categorie

Sculpturen en Ruimtelijk
Meer van Karen van Dooren

Beschrijving kunstwerk

Taxidermie kunst, blauwe Bambi op lange benen.

This is a coming out. My work is about the most important thing there is. life. Living with yourself, the other, in a world.
The work is both poetic and critical. Just like you can look at the world.
The sculptures and paintings are about vulnerable beings and vulnerable worlds that are also strong and light.
In my work I mix different worlds, that of humans, nature and animals. I shape life through animals. I humanize animals. Preferably normal, brown animals that live in close proximity to humans. Strong animals with their own layered character. Proud-sad, shy-tough, cute- in defiance. Often alone, no longer in their own nature.
In the portraits I want to depict the small, which we all know. Moments of vulnerability, strength, loneliness.
Humans make choices that change the world. Nature and the world seem subordinate to human intervention. I humanize the animals so that the viewer can project aspects of their own life into them.
My images are anthropomorphic. The boundary between humans and animals is blurring. But also the boundary between death and life.
I entertain nature, use it as material, strip it of its natural character. Man makes nature for human use. I do the same with the animals I find. I make my sculptures as alienated from nature as we as humanity interact with nature. I am concerned about the disappearance of the habitat of animals.
The sculptures often look straight at you. They are cuddly. They appeal to the viewer.
I like to paint landscapes, light open landscapes with blue skies. Water, trees and lonely animals. The world that is there when you look, when you feel.
In the landscapes you can wonder who is in control, who is in charge.
The sculptures and paintings together represent a world of their own, an atmosphere of romanticism. The work is narrative, as if something had happened. With my work I evoke emotional and tactile experiences that first make you experience, then think.

Eigenschappen kunstwerk

Kunststijl: Surrealisme
Grootte: L

Techniek: Sculpturen en Ruimtelijk, Taxidermie, MDF