Flowerbomb 3

Productie jaar 2020
 2.100,00(inclusief btw)
  • Hoogte: 80cm
  • Breedte: 60cm
  • Diepte: 1cm

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Beschrijving kunstwerk

This artwork is all about flowers, plants, gardening, the birds and the bees, that ancient story, but still fascinating!

The beautiful colours of nature during Springtime, Summer, and even other seasons.
As you can experience for your self in your own garden or outside in parcs and nature reserves.

It’s about flowerbombs, colourbombs and joy!

Let me seduce you to dive into my paintings and drawn into all these colours, layers and textures.

Eigenschappen kunstwerk

Kunststijl: Abstracte Kunst, Expressionisme, Abstract Expressionisme
Grootte: M

Techniek: Acryl, Op paneel