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 5.500,00(inclusief btw)2018

Spacious work / dimensions

Acrylic on canvas – black light sensitive, lightup in the dark with a blacklight.


Kunststijl:Abstracte Kunst, Abstract Expressionisme


Techniek:Acryl, Op doek
Biografie Marc Morrel
Marc Morrel began his career in New York City in the beginning of the 1960s. It was an exciting time for the art world: the abstract expressionists had already established themselves, breaking through many post-war barriers. Marc was then painting and making constructions of stuffed & shaped canvases, exhibiting this work in groups shows all over Manhattan, in galleries and institutions; and gaining a reputation as one of New York’s up-and-coming artists.

Finding it personally difficult to create art whilst hearing the cries of the men, women and children of Vietnam on the daily news reports, he decided to use the only tool available to him to protest the constant atrocities, he began a series of new work in 1965 which uniquely incorporated the American flag. During his exhibition at the Radich Gallery, his work had been discovered by the law, his 1966 flag constructions began an 8-year court case against the owner of the gallery, Stephen Radich. In 1968, Marc Morrel then decided to leave the United States.having fears for his family and to explore Europe, he has lived and worrked in different cities such as Londen, Paris, before setteling in Amsterdam.Today Marc Morrel’s work is more intuitive, his paintings have become acording to Marc "what they want to be"
OpleidingenHigh School
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