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Maya Angelou

Productie jaar 2018
 3.800,00(inclusief btw)
  • Hoogte: 146cm
  • Breedte: 98cm

Kunst categorie

Mixed Media kunst

Beschrijving kunstwerk

Firm lines and decayed lascivious spots on plastic sheets. Hanging over vivid colors on burlap. Exciting and at the same time pleasantly confronting. The dynamic interaction between the classical and the contemporary.

As burlap symbolizes the ancient and the traditional, plastic can be considered to represent the present. It embodies the perfect combination. The reflection of our sustainable but also blatant excessive-informative and commercially materialistic era.

On the plastic sheets, the lines and spots manifest themselves as definite as the unrestrained behavior of people on social media and internet. The rising neo-populism, in all its immediacy and impermanence, seems to entice substantial parts of the world population, almost like in an opera.

But moreover it’s all about life and transience. Represented by loosely hung transparent sheets, Functioning like the pages of a book. They each are part of a bigger story. Once placed in the right sequence, the image appears.

Eigenschappen kunstwerk

Kunststijl: Expressionisme
Grootte: L

Techniek: Mixed Media kunst