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Productie jaar 2020
 2.100,00(inclusief btw)
  • Hoogte: 80cm
  • Breedte: 60cm
  • Diepte: 1cm

Kunst categorie

Meer van Daniëlle van Herk

Beschrijving kunstwerk

The Earth Collection is a serie of paintings that reflects my wondering and interest in our planet Earth and its place in the Universe.

It makes me realize how fragile we are and that we are all here on this beautiful earth for just a very smal amount of time. \
So let us be aware and take good care of it, so that many generations after us can enjoy this world too.

Eigenschappen kunstwerk

Kunststijl: Abstracte Kunst, Abstract Expressionisme
Grootte: M

Techniek: Acryl, Schilderijen, Op paneel