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The naked truth is ugly

 860,00(inclusief btw)
  • Hoogte: 70cm
  • Breedte: 50cm
  • Diepte: 1cm

Beschrijving kunstwerk

God’s right hand sacrifices itself end descends to earth
To search for new ways to reach man.
Driven by greed, people can no longer be reached.
To understand the complexity of the flesh, the angel must be born in flesh himself.
Arriving on earth, the angel feels the gravity
and is soon surrounded by darkness.
The angel, now in human form, suffers
And experiences the burden of the carnal body
Wich not only represents kindness
But also, vanity, greed,
Lust, laziness, jealousy and revenge

Eigenschappen kunstwerk

Kunststijl: Expressionisme, Realisme
Grootte: M, S

Techniek: Inkt, Olieverf, Op papier